Time Is Of

Tunes lying around divided by UK life expectancy minus current age equals one E.P. a month until death. Shall aim to start releasing from January.

Have to hope for dramatic rise in life span to fit new ones in too. This is what happens when you keep over 30 years of notes and recordings.

* Note *

I didn’t say which January.

Now On The Camp Of Bands

It includes the original graveyard drunks version which couldn’t be used on the radio as they inconsiderately didn’t bear in mind OFCOM language guidelines during their slanging match.

And tacked on the end is the unrepresentative last part of the Opus for those who can’t spare the eighteen minutes required to listen to the whole thing. Also being stripped of sound effects it does give the ear a clearer view.

The Pop Art Affair

A new EP of guitar instrumentals from Mr Slater’s Parrot – the brand you can trust.*

Also available in visual format:

Mr Slater's Parrot – Satine (2017)

Mr Slater's Parrot – Angelique (2017)

Mr Slater's Parrot – Marion Raven (2017)

* Slightly less far than you can throw them.


An early twentieth century photograph by Eugène Atget of an old windmill in the Somme

As the album is still a long way off I’ve chucked up the track from earlier in the year.

Last But Not Least Actually First

The front cover of Einmal Ist Keinmal which is a photograph by Eugène Atget taken in 1923, Boats Near the Pont Neuf, of long, low, river barges

At last! The final VOTR reissue – early stuff from 86/7, a fair chunk of it re-recorded in 93.

The Gits – All Too Much

With Ben about to jump ship and the end of the band in sight we decided to record our tunes live in the studio. Not a music studio of course but the drama annex at Collyer’s College Horsham.

We played along to drum machine and second guitar parts pre-recorded to DAT onto our usual four track cassette machine. A little vocal reverb was added in the mix but nothing was replaced or overdubbed.

Twenty nine songs in one session was a gnats optimistic and we flag in places but it may be of interest as some of these songs were markedly different in their live versions and a few had benefited from a couple of years of gigging.