Who were those unmasked men, what were they doing on Radio Sussex and what were these ‘gigs’ of which you speak?


The Core Four

Recurring Characters

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& Glen

Glen Sisela as our drum machine was known

On Air

If you happened to leave the radio on after listening to the Sunday afternoon cricket commentary on Radio Sussex in the 1980s then you may have chanced upon ‘Turn It Up’ an alternative music show.

The Gits (UK) – Radio Sussex Turn It Up Interview Part 1 (1989) [in BBQ]

About the only thing you’ll find out about it by wading the web is that the BBC Radio 1 presenter Jo Whiley started her career there but it was rather more important than a biographical footnote. It was the hub of the County’s music scene.

For a local band of the era it was the best chance of getting the exposure required to get gigs, particularly in Brighton where it was based. For anyone looking for new music it meant you could find out about unsigned acts and go to a concert with a reasonable expectation that you would get to hear something worth listening to.

The Gits (UK) – Radio Sussex Turn It Up Interview Part 2 (1989) [in BBQ]

Of course it wasn’t bland enough for the newly created BBC Southern Counties which assimilated Radio Sussex in 1994 ending real local radio coverage in the County.

So here’s an attempt at adding to the detritus floating on the interwebs and give a small insight into a fine radio institution with a look behind the scenes from March 1989.

Unfortunately some Gits keep getting in the way.


Top Ten Sussex Bands Of 1989

As voted for by the listeners of Turn It Up on Radio Sussex


The Pop Guns

The Popguns – Waiting for the Winter – 1989


14 Iced Bears

03 – 14 Iced Bears – Balloon Song

I did the P.A. for these folks when they played in Horsham on one occasion. I remember their manager saying it was the first time he had ever heard the vocals.


The Gits & Spitfire (formerly Bobby Scarlet)

Spitfire – Translucent

I demand a recount! The Bobby Scarlet votes shouldn’t have counted towards their tally. But then again perhaps we should make allowances what with them having to live with the stigma of coming from Crawley.


The Loveless

The Gits (UK) – Happy Song (Encore) (1989 Champagnes) [BBQ]

Their singer can be seen here joining The Gits onstage. Finding any Loveless has not been helped by the later release of an album of the same name by a popular Irish beat combo.


Nitro Puppy & How Many Beans Make Five

how many beans make five

The American Ruse

The American Ruse – Shakedown



Brighter – Around The World In Eighty Days


The Levellers, BBMFS, Cheyene*, & ?lantis

(Can’t quite hear the start on the tape. Atlantis would seem likely but I don’t like to count my rabbits before they’re hutched)

Levellers-Carry Me

I wonder what happened to them?

* I recently found a reference to Cheyne Dance playing the Zap Club in Brighton. Could they be in any way related?


‘I can remember the halcyon days
We leapt on stage
Though we couldn’t play
Furthermore we had nothing to say’

Having spent some time in the library finding reviews and interviews in old copies of the local newspaper, as well as wading the web for information about bands we played alongside, the extra information is making this section a bit unwieldy so anything Gits gig related will ultimately make it’s way to the Annals.


WHIRL – LOST (Demo 1986 – Especially Yellow fanzine)

Our first gig on 9th February 1988 at Champagnes in Horsham.

The local paper reported it thus, “Headliners Whirl were their usual boisterous selves. A Mad rush of guitar noise and a couple of catchy melodies characterised their brief set. With a BBC session, a single and a tour in the near future things could be rosy for the Brighton popsters.”

Some Whirl info can currently be found here.


Champagnes on Tuesday 5th April 1988 where we supporting Orange

‘Formerly called The Underpants, Orange are Malcolm Docherty (one time Purple Person) and Nick Odle (ex-All The Daughters)…Certainly Orange are one of the best Crawley groups around at the moment, their warm melodies, strong tunes and glittering guitars making them the ideal dance band. Polished and slick, it’s music without fuss. Go along.’

‘[The Gits] motto is “Pure pop for pop people” and by and large they lived up to this when they made their début at the venue in February. Then they played a fistful of cracking songs, full of pace and character, the only detraction from an otherwise good performance being a lack of rehearsal. This has no doubt been rectified and audiences can now look forward to a sparkling show’

After The Gits knocked it on the head, Nick Odle and Jim joined forces to form Kvetch. Malcolm Doherty went on to become a lumninary on the London music scene including such bands automobile themed bands as Hillman Minx and La Honda.


The Chesterfields

Our first trip to the seaside towards the end of May 1988 to support the Chesterfields and Ever at the Richmond in Brighton which later became the Pressure Point before being closed a few years ago.

The Chesterfields – Goodbye Goodbye

EVER – CAROUSEL – Rare unreleased Ep (Playroom discs 005 – 1988)

“To my ears Ever had a sound and style that was their own and fantastic songs that would sit in the top 10 alongside The Psychedelic Furs and Echo & The Bunnymen – I was a fan basically – but sadly the A&R men weren’t really interested in those things.” Jonny Dee, Manager, in 2012.

And a from a review of the Gits, ‘With performances as energetic and professional as this, The Gits are fast becoming a much respected and popular local band.’

Ben E. Git : “All I recall about the Chesterfields gig is I slept through their set and being told they heard me snoring between numbers. Which is a shame as I rather liked them.”

The Man From Del Monte

The Man From Delmonte Live 1989

This was definitely at a venue just off the road along the beach in Brighton and down some steps, The Escape Club?

Ah yes, the hair.

Well if I actually watched my own videos I would have known from the first of the Radio Sussex interviews that this was indeed the Escape Club on 28th March 1989 with The Grooveyard also playing.

The Brilliant Corners

The Brilliant Corners – Delilah Sands

Also at the Richmond I think. My entire evidence of this is a vague memory of the band thinking up a really bad joke for the night that ended ‘Takes Brilliant Corners!’.

Further investigation reveals it was was the night before:

China Crisis

china crisis – wishful thinking

A bit tenuous as they were the headline act at a small festival in Wisborough Green whilst we were way down the bill.

I’ve have two memories of it: I had written some spiel for the program which proved too taxing for the organizers spell checker and Ben’s bass amp packed up early on but the monitor engineer was remarkably on the ball and he whacked more through the monitors in no time.

So thank you unknown sound engineer and may your favourite crisps always be on special offer.


A.K.A. Any Old Rubbish

The Gits Drank

King & Barnes Brown Ale drinks mat (pre-Hall & Woodhouse) King & Barnes Sussex Bitter Beer Label (pre-Hall & Woodhouse)

They wouldn’t have been seen dead drinking the so called King & Barnes beers which are now made in Dorset.

Bottle label and drinks mat courtesy of sadly departed Beer Essentials Horsham.

Probably from about 2005 though other than a change of colour of the sign it's not vastly different from the 80s.You would often find The Gits partaking of the aforementioned beverage at the hub of Horsham’s independent music scene: The Bear

A Thing

Collage of Gits related photographs and cutting from The Punter magazine from Brighton

The review and ‘407 Things You Didn’t Know About The Gits’ were both from a Brighton magazine ‘The Punter’.

The Horsham Music Scene Incestuous Surely You Jest?

Band family tree show local groups Gits members were involved in. Of questionable accuracy.

This diagrammaticalised infocational covers up to just before the formation of the Gits. It notably omits Jammie and Chris T’s HPR (Horsham Progressive Rock) which pre-dated the Jackalsons. Also missing is Jammie and Andy Penman’s The Hanging Tree (later just the Hanging) which immediately preceded das Gits. Of course the aficionados amongst you will already be aware that the last great Horsham supergroup is absent as Jon E. Parker & The Sessionaires didn’t form until after the demise of the subjects of this very website.

You may note the name of one Mikey Georgeson Esq. who later became The Vessel of David Devant & His Spirit Wife and one Piers Hernu of this parish who had a large part in the rise of the ‘lad mag’ in the 1990s. Pretty much everyone else ended up as homeless alcoholics or tea addicts.

1977 Six Million Dollar Man Annual

Front of the 1977 Six Million Dollar Man annual with the star Lee Majors holding a rifle and seen through a gun sight in the centre of a bright red cover

Part of the fabulous prize package The Gits gave away on their second radio appearance.


From when we were really desperate for things to put on website.


You may well have stumbled here looking for the American band of the same name and era who we like to refer to as The Gits (USA). And if you didn’t…

The Gits – Second skin (Live)

As mentioned on the front page, The Beat Merchants from Horsham. One of several local bands who started playing Rhythm & Blues after the Rolling Stones appeared at St. Leonard’s Hall on 3rd August 1963.

The Beat Merchants – She Said Yeah

The quote from the top of the Live page is from ‘Satellite City’ by Orange Juice taken from the ‘You Can’t Hide Your Love Forever’ LP of 1982.

And the band me and Ben wanted to emulate when we started The Gits, The Misunderstood.

The Misunderstood – Children of the Sun

That idea lasted a good five minutes. You can’t get the psychedelic pedal steel guitar players you know.