Time Is Of

A screen capture of a long list of folders containing ideas for songs

Tunes lying around divided by UK life expectancy minus current age equals one E.P. a month until death. Shall start releasing from January.

Have to hope for dramatic rise in life span to fit new ones in too. This is what happens when you keep over 30 years of notes and recordings.

Now On The Camp Of Bands

The front cover of Mr Slater's Parrot's EP Openshaw with a photo of cricket stumps in a muddy field surround by a garish pscyedelic surround and their trademark cartoon spaceship

It includes the original graveyard drunks version which couldn’t be used on the radio as they inconsiderately didn’t bear in mind OFCOM language guidelines during their slanging match.

And tacked on the end is the unrepresentative last part of the Opus for those who can’t spare the eighteen minutes required to listen to the whole thing. Also being stripped of sound effects it does give the ear a clearer view.