Twenty Minutes In The Past – 6th June 2014

Screen capture of Gits CD release announcement on Facebook by Firestation Records modified to add sign 'Minnows Of Firestation' as a nod to a current meme relating to an upcoming concert

Still available in the especially collectable First Edition* due to the legions of proof readers missing an error with the dates on the CD.

Photograph of the Gits CD showing the dates error - 1989-1990 printed when it should have been 1987-1990

Also to be found in the Aether.

Never explain your jokes… but

An assortment of folks holding Giants Of Firestation signs to highlight an upcoming, at the time of posting, gig in Berlin (10th July 2015)

A gig begorrah!

* Only Edition
** Standard Disclaimer: Yes, it should be ギッツ but I over ambitiously attempted Kana as Kanji, or at least ideogram – guitar headstock ギ & smile ツ

Leamington Spa 7 Hamilton Academical 4

The Sound Of Leamington Spa Volume Seven

Cover of the CD The Sound Of Leamington Spa Volume 7 which consists of a collage of ephemera of the era such as gig tickets and fanzinesBack in the mists time, or July 2008 I think it was, the good burghers at Firestation Records of Germany kindly asked us to appear on one of their volumes of indie music of the eighties for which we stuck together a couple of different recordings of J.K. Rant to create a previously unheard version.

Still Mad At Me laid out with CDs and bookletAfter some years in the making this volume has ultimately been included with the Firestation 15th Anniversary box set ‘Still Mad At Me?‘ with the title lost in translation as ‘JK Rent’.

The following are the CD liner notes for the originally planned release as transcribed from the vernacular.

The Gits – Men Or Gods?

[derivation: worm divided by tonka toy]

“You git!”

[origination: ‘orsham ‘ere ’tis]

Formed in Seattle in 1986 the ill-fated punk band known for their fiery live performances are nothing to do with this motley collection of reprobates from deepest darkest Sussex. Same time, different place, singer tragically moved to Brighton.

[motivation: like the Beatles, but better]

Wanted to be ‘The Misunderstood’ which proved to be far too difficult.

[explanation: pure pop for pop people]

Kings & Barnes Brown & Bitter. (Damn you Hall & Woodhouse, damn you to hell!).

[recollection: À la recherche du temps perdu]

Rob is 6ft 2cm tall, whereas Ben, who isn’t, takes a size ten shoe or boot. Ironically Jim weighs a fantastic 11 stone when lying down. By a strange coincidence neither of them are related.

[information: thanks to the wonderments of post-modern technologistics]


The answer was Gods.

For one of the occasions the CD was ‘coming soon’ I knocked out a promotional short with commentary idea pinched from the video for the song Zusammen Verschwinden by a band I was listening to a lot at the time Karpatenhund. They continue until this very day as their alter egos Locas In Love.

The Gits (UK) – JK Rant (With Commentary On)

Errors & Omissions: it should of course have been ‘clench your buttocks’. Sorry for any confusion caused. (The Gits are not liable for any injuries caused by following ambiguous advice).