Jedson & The Interceptors – Slug On A Compost Heap


Ant und Moi です – Blue Dress


Ant und Moi です – Blue Dress (2011)

For reasons I was never quite sure of I ended up recording a chap who performs under the moniker Antoine Architeuthis a few years ago. He ultimately wanted more of a live band sound to which I suggested that recording with a live band may be the best way to achieve that, which he did in the end.

At the time he had an abundance of slow songs so I prompted him to do something a bit more up tempo for variety (and for those who don’t like variety there’s sport!).
The singer, Anthony Derbyshire (but don't tell anyone I told you his real name)So he knocked this out in double quick time and I attempted the full JJ Cale on it, Ace Tone type rhythm machine to start and out of phase guitars chugging along in the background later on. Though it all went a bit Travelling Wilburys when the acoustic drums came in. Given Antoine’s prog rock background this is probably the least notes he’d ever played in a song on bass.

Not sure what I was attempting with the electric guitar but for one brief moment it almost seems as if I can do Travis picking.

So Ant on bouzouki, bass and lungs whilst I guitar and press go on the drum machine.

Meanwhile in Salisbury: Ant Music

The cartoon used for the video is as ever from archive.org and is stars Betty Boop in ‘The Dancing Fool’.

Failed Attempt At The Smithsonian Remix Competition

November 2013

The flag of the Smithsonian InstituteI didn’t feel this went anywhere in the end so it remained un-entered but there are a few bits I like. It’s based on Bright Sunny South in the Smithsonian Folkways playlist with various nature sounds they uploaded. Mostly I’ve played around with effects and using a drum replacer VST to create the midi to trigger rhythmic parts. The only thing added manually is diddily dum dum dum the big bass drum.

Arthur (Chris Morris Original)


Chris Morris of the Jackalsons, Dragnet and The Gits amongst others stood in front of a Ducks Crossing road signA version of a little heard instrumental from the Jackalsons guitarist circa 1986 faithfully performed except for the bits I changed.