Fixed Vision

Fixed Vision


The latest in my occasional series ‘Wasn’t that best left forgotten’.

A band I was in for five minutes in 1985 led by Malcolm Doherty, later of Purple People, Orange, Hillman Minx, La Honda et al, who still keeps on rocking in the not quite as free as we’d hoped world.

A shining example of cross border co-operation this Crawley-Horsham combo had Ian Potter as second vocalist, Mulley on bass, later jazzer Dave Ohm on drums and Alan Stubbs on keyboards, who became increasingly Bitter.

The second of the songs presented here, Magic Between Your Thighs, was written in upwards of half and hour by me, Chris Crosby (Open Gear Lawnmower) and Malcolm whose lyrics were a near verbatim transcription of a contemporary television advert, but I’m buggered if I can remember what it was for.

The lead track was famously played on a Sunday afternoon ITV talent show to a panel including classical guitarist John Williams but his verdict on the performance is lost in the mists of time. That was of course a different line-up which featured on keyboards Piers Hernu who would later be largely responsible for the decline of western civilization.

Significantly four of those playing on these recordings were members of Businessmen On Bicycles.

More of the Marvellous Adventures Of Malcolm here.