And Only 100 Years

Screen capture from the page of this website of Voice Of The Rain lyricsIt’s been a bit of a marathon but now 100+ 1990s Voice Of The Rain lyrics are online. Or given the intermittent nature of our recording, about a years worth.

Just the 80s to go. And correcting all the mistakes.

Voice Of The Rain – Shadowlands Demo (1987)

Voice Of The Rain – Shadowlands Demo (1987)

This unused song’s one slight flaw split the duo for four years in one of our many falling outs. Otherwise I may have been in an unsuccessful band in Aberdeen rather than Sussex. Twenty nine years later it may not be so obvious what annoyed me but there’s a clue at the end of the video.

A Matter Of Convenience

I’ve grouped the Voice of the Rain and Gits albums into handy complete discography downloads on Bandcamp. There’s a bit of a discount but as they weren’t a lot in the first place it doesn’t come to much, or even half a much. The offer shows up at the top of the pages for the various albums.

Screen capture showing the Gits complete discography offer
Screen capture showing the Voice Of The Rain complete discography offer


An early twentieth century photograph by Eugène Atget of an old windmill in the Somme

As the album is still a long way off I’ve chucked up the track from earlier in the year.

Last But Not Least Actually First

The front cover of Einmal Ist Keinmal which is a photograph by Eugène Atget taken in 1923, Boats Near the Pont Neuf, of long, low, river barges

At last! The final VOTR reissue – early stuff from 86/7, a fair chunk of it re-recorded in 93.

Main Theme To An Overdub Too Far

A bit too ambitious for a 4-track cassette recorder. A Voice Of The Rain outtake from 1993 that was originally intended to be the last track on Reign.