Stair Party

Stair Party


A band I left because I thought the songs were mostly crap.
A band from 1987 for which I wrote most of the songs.

I quite like this one though, ‘Weed’, which was later resurrected for the third Voice Of The Rain Cassette.

They did indeed improve when I left.

Vocals & Drums – Jim Calderwood (Gits UK)
Keyboards – Paul Finch (Christine)
Bass – Martin King (Businessmen On Bicycles)
Peter Nagel – Lead Guitar (Who popped up on various Voice Of The Rain recordings)

Lead guitarist Pete Nagel & Mark Crane drummer of the MKII line-up
Nagel & Craine Associates
Stair Party lead guitarist Peter Nagel (right) with MKII drummer Mark Craine (left) partaking of afternoon tea.

Photograph stolen from the web.