Thanks to the videography of Matt Evenden & Chris Morris the adventures of The Gits are chronicled in far greater detail than their infamy deserves.

And the majority of surviving photographs, used for both the single of 1989 and CD of 2014, come via the lens of Rebecca Greenslade which were thankfully found in Jim’s loft or we’d have been left with the one shot of Ben writing graffiti on a building site.

Additional photo credits go to Jim himself and Cheryl Lenane, the latter for what no one is calling the ‘iconic’ shot of Ben bassing. It’s very probably ‘seminal’ as well.


Collyer’s College Horsham October 1988

Playlist: The Gits (UK) Collyers Horsham 1988

01. Spend & Learn
02. Happy Song
03. 24th December
04. Eventually

A gig organised by one off Git Mark Craine of This Idiot Glitter who also played along with Loveless, Spiralhead, and inevitably, The Happy Potato Band.

Champagnes Nightclub Horsham February 1989

Playlist: The Gits (UK) Champagnes Horsham 1989

01. Mesmerize
02. Happy Song
03. Spend & Learn
04. Kinda Pretty
05. 24th December
06. Push
07. Turn Away
08. J.K. Rant
09. Eventually
10. Lay Off*
11. Happy Song (Encore)

A Greenpeace Benefit concert with support from The Perfect Shade.
Lay Off is an unrecorded Wedding Present song.

There has been some discussion that The Gits may have been influenced by the aforesaid but that’s balderdash and poppycock easily refuted by the fact that David Gedge is a known 70s Yes man whereas Das Gïts sound is steeped in Fish era Marillion.

The Richmond Brighton June 1989

Playlist: The Gits (UK) Brighton March 1990

01. Touch Down
02. Tidal Wave
03. 24th December
04. Happily Mad
05. Mother Knows How
06. I’m Hit
07. I Was Right
08. Medley
(Eventually, Two Many People, Turn Away)
09. Happy Song

Supporting The Brilliant Corners at what became The Pressure Point.

Horsham Sports Centre July 1990

The final gig which consisted of mainly early numbers due to an injury to Ben. Mark Craine joined us on drums and Fred Bright sang the very last song.

The Gits (UK) – Naff Song (Horsham 1990)

Gits (UK) – Distraction (1990 Horsham) [BBQ]

Retrospeculative Promotional Items

The Gits (UK) – Around Around, Chapter 6





Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man