2006 To 2007

A short lived band who came together to play the Horsham Battle O’Bands Covers Competition in 2006 with the bright idea of doing tracks by ex-Yardbirds guitarists with keyboards as the main instrument.

Should you raise the energy to watch the video it’s worth keeping an eye on the the drummer as he does a sterling job playing one handed having fractured his left prehensile multi-fingered extremity a week before.

We sadly came second at the final and lost our beer money after being marked down for too much originality.

Unfortunately the guitar being far quieter on stage and consequently louder through the PA system means the keyboards are rather swamped in the mix for the video which was largely taken from the sound desk.

After a summer 2007 support slot to Blood Red Shoes in Horsham Park was rained off we packed it in as we didn’t want our superior versions to show up the temporarily reformed Led Zeppelin.