The Gits (UK)


The Came, They Hung Around A Bit, They Left

Hopeless optimists from Horsham in the United Kingdom who set out to achieve little and were wholly successful.

“We’ve been described as obscure. I’m not sure we were that well known.”


A Retrospeculative

A compilation of tunes from the Horsham beat merchants. Not to be confused with The Beat Merchants from Horsham.

Available on digital audio optical disc from Firestation Records of Berlin or as a download from Bandcamp for the princely sum of three of Her Majesty’s pounds.

ギツは 牛乳を 飲みます

A Carton Of Curiosities

The rest of The Gits prodigious output. Yours for a small fee.


The Remains

Take a stroll down memory lane for a taste of the gigs we played, bands we supported and a run down of the local charts, not forgetting to stop off for a tour of Radio Sussex, or if a glutton for punishment, peruse the Annals.


An infotational graphic showing the similarity for the Katakana used for Gits in Japanese and a guitar headstock and smiling face.

What’s that all about then?