ロックンロール イズ ノットデッド

The Gits existed in a time before download domination when records ruled the earth and cassettes were the media of self produced recordings. But record companies were already manipulating the supply to force the acceptance of compact discs at a price that instilled in the public a perception that music was no longer value for money and with the arrival of the Internet creating the environment where single track sales became the norm amongst the general listening public.



A Retrospeculative 1987-1990

Vying for the title of least anticipated release of the century this collection gives the impression The Gits wrote songs with rediscovery decades later in mind.

“I do believe that we will, Eventually”

“Looking back really isn’t something you ought to do”

“Remembering what might have been”

A CD Version is available from Firestation Records of Berlin for whom we also appeared on a Compilation.

Token gestures at promoting the album as well as some reaction to it can be found in the Annals.

The Gits Drink Milk

A Carton Of Curiosities

A compilation of the tunes left-over once the tracks on the Retrospeculative had been democratically elected via a cardinal voting system. It ably demonstrates the lack of musical focus from a band determined that every long playing release should be as varied as The Beatles White Album despite a clear preference from listeners for their brand of ‘pure pop’.

For the once bitten I will mention that many of the wholly unnecessary Interludes have been edited for this collection as has Around Around. Distraction at ten minutes long is still too short to my mind.

These are all ancient four track cassette recordings so their quality is fashionably lo-fi.

All Too Much

Almost Live

With Ben about to jump ship and the end of the band in sight we decided to record our tunes live in the studio. Not a music studio of course but the drama annex at Collyer’s College Horsham.

We played along to drum machine and second guitar parts pre-recorded to DAT onto our usual four track cassette machine. A little vocal reverb was added in the mix but nothing was replaced or overdubbed.

Twenty nine songs in one session was a gnats optimistic and we flag in places but it may be of interest as some of these songs were markedly different in their live versions and a few had benefited from a couple of years of gigging.


Two Many People & Happy Song 1989

Released to widespread critical indifference the single was a huge step up in professionalism from The Gits usual four-track cassette bedroom recording to a sixteen track reel-to-reel in a spare room.

The Gits championing of the double b-side format failed to start a trend.

Record Collector recently placed the current value of this release at slightly less than sentimental.*

A number of other locations were tried before settling on the Chesworth Gardens building site for the cover photo.

Ben the bass player writing 'The Gits' with a soft rock on a building site support wall taken from the original photograph and added to one of Stone Henge

Ben the bass player writing 'The Gits' with a soft rock on a building site support wall taken from the original photograph and added to one of The Great Wall Of China

Ben the bass player writing 'The Gits' with a soft rock on a building site support wall taken from the original photograph and added to one of the hut built by Scot's artic expedition

Photograph Credits

Stonehenge by Danny Sullivan
The Great Wall Of China By Hao Wei
Scott’s Hut by Eli Duke
All under Creative Commons Licences

* I may have erred a little on the pessimistic side.


Men Or Gods 1988

Men Or Gods? cassette insert which has a hand drawn version of the painting Napoleon Crossing the Alps by Jacques-Louis David in the first decade of the nineteenth century. He is on a rearing horse and pointing onward. The answer was Gods.

Someone had the bright idea of colouring the cassette insert by hand for that personal touch. Which was great for the first two or three.

Chris Morris 1988

Chris Morris cassette inlay which has on the front a photocopied photograph of later Gits guitarist Chris Morris slumped against a wall.

Re-recordings done when Glen joined the band.

The album was available as a special limited edition double cassette release which included a sampler of band members’ pre-Gits groups. Limited that is to whoever wanted it.

Badly typed and hand written inlay for the Stuff cassette of band members prior recordings which came with the Chris Morris cassette.

Golden Hour Of The Gits 1989

Golden Hour of the Gits cassette inlay which has the definition of git on the front and drawings of the previous albums on the side in the style of Status Quo's Vertigo releases, 'from the makers of'..

Compiled to introduce the band to those Radio Sussex listeners who caught the Zeitgeist after their first appearance on Turn It Up. Yours for a pound.

Songs For Swinging Shepherds 1989

Songs For Swinging Shepherds cassette inlay featuring Geoff Poynter holding a lamb and feeding it with a baby's bottle on the front.

Galliards and lute songs served with chilling ale… Nothing raises your stock in indie circles like Jethro Tull references. Or is it the other way round.