‘British Men Are Dangerously Ignorant Of The Prostate Gland’

Not me, I’ve got their first two albums!

You don't want to know. The things it does affect – ejaculation and sexual function, urine flow and incontinence – are not regularly talked about over the dinner table or in the pub.

Actually I’m in favour of avoiding it over dinner, other times by all means.

It can have few symptoms in the early stages, and because of its location most symptoms are linked to urination:

needing to urinate more often, especially at night
needing to run to the toilet
difficulty in starting to urinate
weak urine flow or taking a long time while urinating
feeling your bladder has not emptied fully

Ms Culhane said: “A man in his 30s with none of the risk factors shouldn’t be overly worried – but for men at higher risk, they should have a conversation with their GP or one of our specialist nurses.

“If they have a family history, are black [black men are twice as likely to develop prostate cancer as the overall population] or are over 50, then, generally, they should be thinking about having a conversation.