An Amateur Pontificates On… Contemporary Dance

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world's end girlfriend – Les Enfants du Paradis (MUSIC VIDEO) from"SEVEN IDIOTS"

…still the best tune this century. And modern dance is so much better with a tune. Due to Grants we used to do a lot in the olden days at the theatre I worked at. You’d spend two days rigging and forty people would turn up*. They used lot of clever music but not much that tugged at the heart strings.

Didn’t help that too often the dancers would fall back on what I called elephant shapes, particularly when improvising. Coincidentally enough the exception was a Japanese chap with a patch over one eye who started his show Spinal Tap style in a cocoon but rather more successfully.

I am of course twenty years out of date.

*My theory was that this was partly due to ‘Orsham being half way between London and Brighton with a side order of Chichester so folks keen on dancing (you asking?) were used to going to the posher venues there.