Pokeweed Wormfence

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Retrospeculatively Speaking

I’ve thrown the Gits Retrospeculative up on Bandcamp for three quid.

Further Afield

The front cover of Further Afield which is a phtograph, Hotel de la Brinvilliers, l'empoisonneuse, Rue Charles V, taken by Eugène Atget in 1900. It shows the interior of an abandoned building with a large stone staircase which twists back on itself as it climbs.

Another VTOR blast from the past, 1998′s Further Afield, or at least the first half as the whole thing became a bit unwieldy as a download.

It’s a pretty high-tech recording for this one, we had a compressor! And a pop shield, admittedly tights over a wire coat hanger, but all the same. Actually the lack of gear is why a lot of the recordings brush up quite well. We didn’t have the kit to bugger them up at the time. In anyone wondered why we use the script font for the booklet it’s as it’s based on Walt Whitman’s handwriting, which ties in rather well.

And We’re Off…

Front cover to the re-issue of the Voice Of The Rain Album Other Peoples Angels which is a photograph, Boulevard de Strasbourg, taken in 1912 of a window display of hair pieces including several female mannequins

The first of the Voice Of The Rain reissues. The remainder will come at a pace once the Gits CD is finished off.