I Like The Easy Queries

A gold computer generated grand piano in a cloudy sky
A gold computer generated grand piano in a cloudy sky
A Gold Piano in the sky flew by
No one knew why that Piano flew by
But if it should land on top of your head
One thing’s for sure
You would be dead

Q. ‘Is your piano a grand or upright and will it be tuned on the day?’

A. We don’t have a piano.


Simple line drawing of a child sat in front of a toy piano with one arm stretched vaguely in the direction of the instrument

Got a piano quartet coming in the Autumn. Always disappointed that isn’t actually four pianos.

Fake Cardboard Grands

A reasonably authentic looking cardboard grand piano made by Chris Gilmour

RT @sarah_angliss: Am I the only musician in the UK who found an overlong email this morning, asking me to buy a cardboard fake grand piano?

Note to self… be sure to make email concise if trying to sell @Therematrix fake cardboard grand piano.

Technology Is Killing Music

Photograph by Jamille Queiroz of hand at an upright piano keyboard

This eternal piano-playing is too much to bear! … These shrill tinkle-tones with no natural resonance, these heartless whirring-tones, this arch-prosaic rumbling and hacking — the fortepiano is killing all our thoughts and feelings, and we are becoming stupid, dull, imbecilic. This prevalence of piano playing, not to speak of the triumphal march of the piano virtuosos, is characteristic of our time and truly bears witness to the victory of machine over spirit. Technical proficiency, the precision of an automaton, the identification with strung wood, the sonic instrumentalization of human beings, is now hailed and celebrated as the highest good.”

Heinrich Heine, Paris, 1843