Grasping the most tenuous of themes by the fingertips as if hanging for dear life from a cliff face

Screen capture from the video of the Japanese band 'British' with Captain Sensible type front man playing in a wooded floored room

Not as you might have thought from the name a Welshman: 木村大 – Inner Soundscape…

Inner Soundscape/木村大

Not as you might have thou… no you wouldn’t: イギリス人 – やっちゃあいけないことなんてないんだぜ!…


But hold on a mo. John Williams like pop classical guitar, punkalisms, and a multitude of jazzy soulful bands – is Japan working its way back to the 70s?

Some People Eh?

Some business people gathered around a laptop computer

I do feel it’s inconsiderate of folks I knew in the past and am now trying to look up online not to have unusual names to make it easier.

Best Not Mind

The white lower case sans serif 'f' on a blue background of the Facebook icon.

I once considered joining Facebook but there were already two people on it with my name so I thought best not as it might get confusing.