Piers Hernu – Before The Bomb

Piers Hernu – Before The Bomb (Live Collyers 1985)

An ambient synth diversion performed by Piers Hernu on Roland Juno 106 and Korg MS10 at the DIMLight Production, ‘One Night At Collyer’s’, the local Sixth Form College in Horsham. It was captured on a knackered old Revox A77 with Sound Associates editing modification.

Other turns on the bill, as effusively reviewed by David Hatto for the Soundwave column in the West Sussex County Times, were: Christine, ‘quite acceptable’; Destiny, ‘tightest on the night’; Fixed Vision, ‘capable enough’; and Strange Brew, ‘a little unrehearsed’.

Though tacked on the ‘Awesome From Horsham‘ Playlist Piers was actually from Billingshurst way.

Fred & Friends – Cracked Black

A Christine number recorded after the demise of the band by Fred and Richard plus Jim from the Jackalsons and accidentally yours truly after failure of a hired four track recorder resulted in time pressure to get it done with the borrowed replacement.

I cut Carnival Of Souls about to go with it.

Fred & Friends – Cracked Black (1986)

I Knew Him When…

Hillman Minx 'I've had enough' single coverBit of a find. One of the locals with his late 1990s band Hillman Minx in a video starring Angus Deayton for a song produced by the Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart.

Malcolm, for it is he, has been mentioned here before in relation to Orange & Fixed Vision and later had a band called La Honda with a singer who became better known as Rumer.

Hillman Minx 'I've Had Enough' promotional CD cover

Since this post was buried here, never to be read again, I’ve come across the fact that, ‘In ’98, Mark Radcliffe on Radio 1 championed them and made their first single ‘I’ve Had Enough’ record of the week for three weeks in a row.’

Der Anfang vom Ende

Greenpeace logo of animals, plants and humans hand in hand on a planet earth of about twenty metres in diameterOn 2nd February 1989 the Gits in a rare headlining slot were joined for a benefit concert in aid of Greenpeace by The Perfect Shade and former Ever guitarist Pete Whittick who, if I remember correctly, counted himself in aloud on every number despite being solo.

As Ben put it in a preview article a couple of weeks before,

Seriously, if you are going to rape the environment, you are going to rape your children. I made that up myself

This was the first gig of Chris Morris’ short tenure with the band before I idiotically ousted him for not wanting us to play at a gig he’d organised. Though we hadn’t peaked yet that decision might well be seen as the beginning of the end for the band.

This happened:

Playlist: The Gits (UK) Champagnes Horsham 1989

And what would be £500 today was raised.

We got the usual review,

If audience reaction alone is a good indicator of a band’s ability then the Git’s were excellent, for they had a large section of the audience boogying wildly. But it must be said The Gits did seem to know a lot of their audience personally.

So knowing quite a lot of the audience in your home town and actually deigning to interact with them rather than act as untouchable rock gods counted against us, as did people enjoying the gig. It’s lucky the same reviewer never had to suffer the Beatles at the Cavern. Strangely the same audience turning up to see the people they knew in other locals bands never warranted a mention.

In Local News…

Willie Austen will be appearing at the Limeburners on Wednesday 15th February 1989.

If you missed that one you will be pleased to know that as of August 2014 he still plays there regularly.