Just the thing to ease out of Sunday with. I’m going to assume the sheets of plywood are covering a pit of alligators.

the vegetablets at Satoyama Marché May 20, 2018

* Your imagination may vary.

Not For Music Lovers

A couple of live Christine tracks I like from the olden days, Follow Me and a cover of Sister Ray.

Christine – Follow Me & Sister Ray (Live 1986)

Joy Division added an extra chord to their take on Sister Ray and we added yet another so our version was obviously superior to the Velvet Underground original.

This was probably from a charity gig at Collyers College in Horsham at the end of March 1986, at least the year is right. The keyboards are a bit quiet as they were so loud on stage there wasn’t much of them going through the mixing desk from which the recording was largely taken.

The Gits – An Assortment

The Gits (UK) – Assortment (1988 to 1990)

Having transferred some old concert tapes onto the computer and started playing with video editing to prepare background projections for my first gig in fourteen years I knocked out this compilation. It’s had four thousand odd views, largely from people looking for The Gits (USA) and occasionally the Polish ensemble of the same name.

It was this and other uploads which led to a bit of interest around the web and ultimately the Retrospeculative.

Also available in A Bit Better QualityTM

The Gits (UK) – An Assortment (1988-90) [BBQ]