For Bill

A submission to the Chords Of Orion Ambient Guitar Highlights series of video compilations. Probably should have practised a bit more before recording but why break the habit of a lifetime.


Contains nudity from the ankle down.

For Bill (2018-09-12)

And the YouTube spiel to save clicking through.

Having seen the call to guitars from Chords Of Orion I’ve knocked out a tune for #AmbientGuitarHighlights.

As the series I’m attempting to appear in has been quite generous in the application of the Ambient tag the fact that I’ve overplayed a bit will hopefully not be my undoing.

This was going to be backing for E-bow and what not but in the end I rather liked it as it stood. For anyone who follows Bill’s channel the choice of UD Stomp to base the sound around will come as no surprise but everything else was added on a whim.

It may all look a bit serious which is due to not being entirely decided on the structure of the tune before setting off and trying to remember when to wiggle the controller and volume pedals.

I’m going to claim the fluffs were in fact on purpose as they tended to produce the most interesting delay effects.

This was not the first take.

Rocking out on guitar last night…

Rockin' Out On Guitar 2018-03-24

Slowly getting the tools in place for the summer offensive. Video done after the fact as I had my hands full playing and knob twiddling.

p.s. Those LEDs may look all well and good but in less than bright lighting they’re so blinding you can’t read the legend around the controls of the effects unit.

Other Than The Bit I Forgot

I’m fairly confident that Revision No.97 of the effects board for the forthcoming Mr Slater’s Parrot airy-fairy* guitar EP is very nearly the right layout.

Overly complicated diagram of the layout and routing of a guitar effects pedal layout

* Ambient / Experimental


By the time of Reign we were embracing contemporary developments in guitar effects technology.

Photography of a guitar with a sock under the strings to damp the sound

Sound Advice

Originally part of the Truly.Beautiful.Disaster website.

On Stage

Any problem with the volume balance within the band can be cured by everyone turning up.


Whether you are just starting out or have been at it for many years you can always improve your playing by buying more expensive equipment.

For The Younger Band

Having your parents take you to the gig and then stand in the front of the audience cheering you on does in no way devalue the bad motherfugger attitude you assume on taking the stage.

Guitar Equipment

Much like whales humans hear through their knees so a half stack system is ideal for monitoring your playing.

Terrible and silly drawing demonstrating that half stack speaker cabinets are a poor choice.

Pictorial Representation