Collyers College

A lean period for original music was already setting in by the time Champagnes nightclub was knocked down in July of 1989 but losing the town’s only decent music venue and one which attracted charting indie bands lost the focus for a revival and meant that later recoveries remained largely insular.

Brighton moving up through the divisions of the Country’s artistic centres also made it harder for bands from Horsham to play there and losing Turn It Up in the merger that created Southern Counties Radio meant the chances of building a following and catching the attention of promoters was considerably reduced. But for now we soldiered on.

A photocopy of a microfiche of a photograph in the West Sussex County Times in 1989 from a photoshoot I have no memory of.
Some Gits, Yesteryear

Yours for £2.50: Midwich Cuckoos, Still Life, The Gits, Spiralhead and The Loveless. And a good turn out at The College Of Richard Collyer by all accounts. Well, the one available account.

I spy an extended metaphor.

Third band of the evening were The Gits, who upped the termperature with a blistering set that ducked and dived, jabbed and hooked. A knockout display of hard pop, The Gits went into the ring full of confidence and won in the first round. Know what I mean ‘Arry?

Next of the regulars.

Spiralhead, the Hawkwind of the eighties.

I think we’ll leave that there.

A photocopy of a microfiched photograph from the West Sussex County Times of The LovelessAnd last but not least.

From start to finish The Loveless were angry, entertaining and utterly professional. Vocalist Adrian De’ath put everything into the gig, the strength of his voice matched only by the strength of the songs.

All in all a great gig, but what of the future? Let’s hope a suitable venue can be found in the town for live music or all this could be a thing of the past which would be a great pity.

Gareth Williams

It was.

The Bat And The Ball And The Festival

Last Day Of The Tour

A small festival in Wisborough Green on the common next to the Bat & Ball pub headlined by China Crisis. We were on very early on which was probably not the best thing given the gig in Brighton the night before and reflected in the review.

…billed as Pure Pop For Pop People they certainly lived up to their reputation with a combination of bass, lead and drum machine providing a bubbling, sometimes joyous, backing to Jim Calderwood’s varied vocal talents (sometimes too varied – maybe a Friday night hangover?).

Ben’s bass amp packed up early on but the monitor engineer was remarkably on the ball and he whacked more through the monitors in no time so thank you unknown sound engineer and may your favourite crisps always be on special offer.

A photocopy of a microfiched photograph from the West Sussex County Times of Adrian De'Ath of The LovelessNote Eyes followed who I’m sure I know something about but it’s not coming to me.

Next on, The Loveless, continuing their new hard-line tactics with a set fit to blow away the senses. Haywire guitar breaks, booming bass lines, thumping drum beats and hard-hitting vocals made this a performance unworthy of their afternoon slot which at this stage of the day poorly attended – if you weren’t there hard luck!

Trying to find any information about or recordings by the band haven’t been helped by a popular Irish beat combo later using the name for an album.

…Bitter, James Harris, Perfect Shade, No Stiletto Shoes, ska stalwarts The Hot Knives, Star Rats, and finally China Crisis who,

…produced a polished and professional sound throughout their set backed up with very ‘nice’ sounding vocals, however this did not disguise the fact that it lacked substance and feeling.

I’m not in a position to comment as we cleared off for a pleasant pint at The Limeburners after the indie turns had done their bit.

china crisis – wishful thinking

Collyers College Horsham

With Spiralhead, Loveless, This Idiot Glitter & The Happy Potato Band

Horsham’s five top bands played at Collyer’s Sixth Form College on Tuesday in a music spectacular that attracted around 300 people.

West Sussex County Times

When Spiralhead hit the stage it was if another hurricane had hit Horsham.

Andy Szec adopted his usual position at the back, looked down at his bass guitar and that was the last we saw of him as his hair flopped over his face.

Third Band on This Idiot Glitter are lucky to be one of the few modern groups with a good drummer rather than a Japanese box of tricks

Glen Sisela the Gits Alesis HR16 drum machineWhich shows how little they knew as we actually had an American box of tricks!

We have video evidence of this event.

Turn Away omitted as we really screwed it up.

It would appear that this performance was during the bands ‘cool’ period. Unfortunately nobody told me.

In local news…

The Blue Aeroplanes play at Champagnes next Tuesday

Vox Pop

Photocopy from microfiche of No Geraniums in the West Sussex County Times looking suitably indie whilst posed around a park benchFrom the segment in the West Sussex County Times Soundwave column asking local music fans their opinions.

Sarah Horner a 20 year old business law student from Guildford Road in Broadbridge Heath will never forget one of the more successful bands from the past, No Geraniums. She describes them as ‘brillant’ and would like to see them back together and playing at Champagnes.

No Geraniums – 1000 Splinters To My Heart (1987)