Ant und Moi です – Blue Dress (2011)

Ant und Moi です – Blue Dress (2011)

For reasons I was never quite sure of I ended up recording a chap who performs under the moniker Antoine Architeuthis a few years ago. He ultimately wanted more of a live band sound to which I suggested that recording with a live band may be the best way to achieve that, which in did in the end.

At the time he had an abundance of slow songs so I prompted him to do something a bit more up tempo for variety (and for those who don’t like variety there’s sport!).

So he knocked this out in double quick time and I attempted the full JJ Cale on it, Ace Tone type rhythm machine to start and out of phase guitars chugging along in the background later on. Though it all went a bit Travelling Wilburys when the acoustic drums came in. Given Antoine’s prog rock background this is probably the least notes he’s ever played in a song on bass.

Not sure what I was attempting with the electric guitar but for one brief moment it almost seems as if I can do Travis picking.

So Ant on bouzouki, bass and lungs whilst I guitar and press go on the drum machine.

The singer, Anthony Derbyshire (but don’t tell anyone I told you his real name)
Meanwhile in Salisbury: Ant Music

The cartoon used for the video is as ever from and is stars Betty Boop in ‘The Dancing Fool’.