Twenty Minutes In The Past – 6th June 2014

Screen capture of Gits CD release announcement on Facebook by Firestation Records modified to add sign 'Minnows Of Firestation' as a nod to a current meme relating to an upcoming concert

Still available in the especially collectable First Edition* due to the legions of proof readers missing an error with the dates on the CD.

Photograph of the Gits CD showing the dates error - 1989-1990 printed when it should have been 1987-1990

Also to be found in the Aether.

Never explain your jokes… but

An assortment of folks holding Giants Of Firestation signs to highlight an upcoming, at the time of posting, gig in Berlin (10th July 2015)

A gig begorrah!

* Only Edition
** Standard Disclaimer: Yes, it should be ギッツ but I over ambitiously attempted Kana as Kanji, or at least ideogram – guitar headstock ギ & smile ツ

Retrospeculatively Speaking

I’ve thrown the Gits Retrospeculative up on Bandcamp for three quid.

There Is Power In A Union

The the Disk Union folks seem to think the Retrospeculative will sell out. I admire their confidence.

Screen capture of Disc Union Japanese Record Shop website

They also mention us in the same breath as Orange Juice. I admire their taste.

Another screen capture of Disc Union Japanese Record Shop - with a bit more detail about the release

Filed under Neo Acoustic? The tag for that includes Andy Partridge and Post Modern Team – we'll take it.

Screen capture of the neo-acoustic tag at Lastfm.

A Review Begorrah!

Which takes issue with my translation of Gits and mentions a certain Manchester band of the 1980s.


June 19 [Thu], 2014, 20:02

A photograph of the Gits CD used for a review






お馴染みのFirestationからのオブスキュア系ギターポップの発掘盤の最新作、The Gits『A Retrospeculatitve 1987-1990』買ったよ!( ゜∀゜)o彡(画像)
しかしまさかThe Gitsは『ギツ』と読むとは思わなかった…ぞ…(・Δ・´)

さてこのお蔵出し音源満載の全23曲はもちろんこの手のオブスキュア系特有の玉石混淆のクオリティですが名曲がかなりの確率で確認できますッ!( ロ_ロ)ゞ
「The Gits – Happy Song」
「The Gits – Cut」
「The Gits – Bottled Of Delight」
「The Gits – JK Rant (With Commentary On)」

To which I attempt to reply. Starting with a disclaimer about how little Japanese I know, agreeing it’s a mixed bag and attempt to explain that I was somewhat over ambitiously trying to use the kana of Gits to also signify a guitar headstock and smile.

July 03 [Thu], 2014, 20:24

すみません。 日本語が少しだけ話せます。

Thank you for the write up.

玉石混淆 :-) Can’t argue with that.

ギツ isn’t a literal or straight transtlation but plays on the coincidental similarity of the kana to a guitar headstock and smile…

ギターのヘッドと笑顔 (Hopefully that’s not gobbledegook).





Thank You Rob♪(゜u゜)

Your Music Is Jangle Pop Classics Everlast!\(^&^’)/

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