Graham Fellows – Weird Town

5th February 2018

‘That’s my kind of town!’

everything, all at once, forever – interference

29th September 2017

‘Shorter than Hamlet but longer than King Lear, this release is very much in Richard III territory.’

A.F. Harrold – Most Things Never Happen

4th July 2017

‘Many may cast doubt on the efficacy of a review when you can just listen to an album before buying but many more won’t know what efficacy means.’

Alpaca Sports – When You Need Me The Most

26th September 2015

‘Contrary to personal experience Alpaca Sports are not needed the most for painting the fence, changing a plug, giving a lift to the shops or mowing the lawn but for when you could do with a decent tune and well crafted lyrics.’

Peer – Kraut van Ding

17th December 2014

‘One small step for Peer, one giant leap for Peerkind.’

Manic Sheep – Manic Sheep

21st November 2014

‘Careful everyone, keep close together & watch out for the Manic Sheep!

‘Boring Love Should Be Ended at a Raining Night’ has been scientifically proven to be the most indie song title of the last decade. ‘

Air Station – Dix

14th August 2014

‘DIX, or 509, was the year Chlodoric King of the Ripuarian Franks was assassinated by agents of Clovis The First whilst rendered immobile by plunging his arm into a chest of gold coins to demonstrate the wealth of his realm.

You may find listening to this album an analogous experience.’

Various – Indietracks Compilation 2014

30th July 2014

‘Amongst the very best Indietracks compilations released in 2014.’

Professor Elemental – A Platter Of Platypuses

23rd June 2014

‘I have many LPs and this is one of them.’

Peer – Galaktika

4th May 2014

‘Has a considerably more satisfying ending than the TV series.’

Tanya Donelly – Swan Song Series Volume 5

24th March 2014

‘There was a woman in Boston
Who didn’t release songs that often
But then along in a rush
Came a series of well received collaborative EPs which are on par with the high standards maintained throughout her career beginning with Throwing Muses in the early 1980s through the Classic Mark One line-up of The Breeders as well as by her band Belly and later solo recordings
By that woman who now lives in Boston’

Ronny Cox – Rod, Rad & Karen

21st February 2014

‘As well as being a good album in its own right the inclusion of songs from throughout his recording career makes this a good place to start listening to Ronny Cox before moving on to the hardcore storytelling LPs.’

The fin. – Glowing Red On The Shore

28th December 2013

‘Strong in defence, fast on the attack, the lads could well make it as far as the semi finals, or even further. Certainly worth a punt at these odds.’

Bool & World’s End Girlfriend – Yudechang

23rd December 2013

‘Das ist gut, c’est fantastique’

A.F. Harrold – Nothing, Like Something

18th December 2013

‘Takes minimalism to new levels of complexity.’

sima kim & american green – Music For Dorothy

21st October 2013

‘Somewhere over a rainbow Dorothy is probably pretty pleased with this release.’

Brendan Ratliff – Fist Of Awesome Soundtrack

21st October 2013

‘Brendan has certainly made a good fist of this bitpop soundtrack.’

Tanya Donelly – Swan Song Series Volume 2

6th September 2013

‘As a keen chronicler of ornithological vocalization I was tremendously excited by the prospect of a series of releases dedicated to the sounds of the Cygninae.

It was therefore initially something of a disappointment to discover these are in fact musical diversions in the contemporary style.

But protracted listening reveals a sumptuous tonality and melodious appeal on par with, dare I say, Myophonus horsfieldii.’

This Girl – This Girl

29th March 2013

‘Though not blessed with the instrumental dexterity of great uncle Bert, Jed and his better half throw their dice into the ring and turn up trumps for what on the Richter scale is a force eight gale of a album.’

Oliver The Penguin – Button Pusher

23rd March 2013

‘Ironically Penguins are relatively poor button pushers having evolved to survive the harsh Antarctic environment rather than the modern computerised recording studio.

Thankfully this does not appear to have adversely affected the quality of the music to any appreciable degree.’

A.F. Harrold – The Unbeatable Slow Machine

7th February 2013

‘The chances of anything coming from Reading are a million to one they said. But still they come.’

cloudchair – Solo Guitar Live Tracks 2011

3rd October 2011

‘Worth worth worth the worth the worth the price worth the price worth the price for worth the price for worth the price for Earthscape worth the price for Earthscape worth the price for Earthscape alone worth the price for Earthscape alone worth the price for Earthscape alone alone alone alon alon alon alo alo alo al al al a a a.’