Small Beer

Small Beer


28th May 2018

Cornucopia 9.07pm 28th June 2018

What a day for a…

It Does Get More Exciting Than This

19th May 2018

It Does Get More Exciting Than This

We live in a hi-tech age but sometimes traditional detective methods are still needed to crack the case.

Acoustic Shredding

10th April 2018

Acoustic Shredding

Continuing my life long mission to prioritise the trivial over the substantial – I’ve gone acoustic…

Rocking out on guitar last night…

24th March 2018

Rockin' Out On Guitar 2018-03-24

Slowly getting the tools in place for the summer offensive. Video done after the fact as I had my hands full playing and knob twiddling.

p.s. Those LEDs may look all well and good but in less than bright lighting they’re so blinding you can’t read the legend around the controls of the effects unit.

p.p.s. I didn’t say which summer.

Relive The Excitement Of Those Last Ten Kilometres

28th May 2017

28th May 2017 Ronde van België Stage 5 Ambient Audio

Ronde van België Stage 5 Ambient Audio

It’s Windy On The Coast

1st February 2017

Mr Slater's Parrot – The Pop Art Affair Outtakes (2017)

Tucked away on the end of the Mr Slater’s Parrot Kyra video were the perils of catching the wind on the south coast whilst employing our one video idea for The Pop Art Affair album.

Tokyo Police Squad!

29th March 2016

Tokyo Police Squad!

I was watching a Tokyo Police PR video and after the odd cut here and nudge there this happened.

From the original videos: 1 2

Phone Volts

14th February 2016

A short Horrormentary on the perils of retro mobile phone use.

Call That An Error Message?

14th May 2012

This is an error message!

Sounds Of Nature

3rd March 2014

Did this based on a Savage Chickens cartoon only to realise that if you clicked on the cartoon itself it had already been done. So I forgot about it for a bit and then plonked it here without fanfare.

Lemming Fuzz Demo

15th December 2012

Lemming Fuzz Demo (Radio Edit)

This was meant to be part of a wide ranging demonstration of the pedal but I managed to delete most of what I’d filmed through incompetence and gave up.

No it isn’t. Count the strings.

16th December 2011

On Buying A Guitalele In December 2011

On buying a Yamaha Guitalele.

Fun For All The Fam… No, Just Me

18th March 2011

On Buying A Fender Mustang Rockband Controller In March 2011

Rockband Fender Mustang MIDI Controller