Because It Was There

Because It Was There


Updated, Corrected, Collected

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Posted May 2011, photographs From Unsplash Added In January 2015
Tractor pulling a trailer by Gozha Net
A boat at sea by Jonas Nilsson Lee
Bales by Michal Kubicek
Sand dunes by Tim de Groot
Small hillocks, possibly drumlins by Jeffrey Kam

Some years later…
Hazy Field by Sonia Langford

Large pile of cardboard boxes in an office about 2ft by 1ft by 1ft
Proverbs Awaiting Processing

Jackson Says

Who Was That Unmasked Man

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Throw Back Thursday

Hashed & Tagged & Tweeted

The ball of a neighbour’s child that has landed in our garden.

The ill directed javelin that’s skewered the mid-race leader of the ladies 5000m semi-finals.

The young fish caught in error whilst angling.

The bottle of piss aimed at the bass player of a band who have ‘sold out’ by someone in the rock festival crowd.

A sweet given out during the panto song sheet aimed right between the eyes of the soap star playing Buttons.

Chute du Panda! Chute du Panda!

8th June 2018

A man wearing a panda head falls to the floor as nudged by a motorbike protecting Dan Martin on his way to winning today's stage of the Critérium du Dauphiné.

The reaction of the French commentator to an incident whilst Dan Martin was on his way to winning a stage of the Critérium du Dauphiné.


Post Of Questionable Utility

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Though perhaps of interest for charting the rise of the band.

You Did It, You Finally Did It

24th June 2016

Final scene from Planet of the Apes with the Statue of Liberty replaced by Nigel Farage in a similar pose

A Paradiddle Account

Certainly Worth The Minutes Spent Setting It Up

Screen capture of a Twitter page for a Buddy Rich 'paradiddle' account (as opposed to parody)


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Felixstowe United Kingdom by Glen Denny. Part of the Geography Project.
Long Beach USA by biofriendly on Flickr.
Sydney Australia by Aaron Jacobs on Flickr.
Le Havre France by Philippe Alès
Agadir Morroco by Sir James.
Southampton United Kingdom by Geni.
Tokyo Japan by あいまいみぃ.
Vancouver Canada by Ze Moufette on Flickr.
Buenos Aires Argentina by Dan DeLuca on Flickr.
Royal Seaforth United Kingdom by Carl Davis. Part of the Geography Project.

Why Has No One Ever Mentioned The Giant Sign Posts In Space?

6th February 2014

A caption and arrow indicate the earth in a photo of the sky from Mars

The first photo taken by the Mars Curiosity Rover of Earth.

Zoncolan – And It’s Steep As Well

20th May 2018

Great comeback by Chris Froome at the Giro today beating both the man with the stuffed fox and the dinosaur to win the stage.

The leading cyclists climbing a very steep hill at the Giro d'Italia have to contend with fans running along side them.

The Zoncolan averages 11.9% over its 10.1km length, with a maximum gradient of 22%. The Tour de France’s better-known Alpe d’Huez averages 8%, with a maximum of 12%, while Mont Ventoux is far longer at 21.5km but averaging just over 7%.

Ain’t No Love

Ain’t no love on the 6.37am service from Brighton to London Victoria stopping at Preston Park, Hassocks, Burgess Hill, Wivelsfield, Haywards Heath, Balcombe, Three Bridges, Gatwick Airport, Horley, Salfords, Earlswood, Redhill, Merstham, Coulsdon South, Purley, East Croydon and Clapham Junction.


Notes: Horley – Cure land; Balcombe – quite painful; Redhill – no it isn’t, Merstham – not as funny as it sounds; Salfords – where Joy Division started; Wivelsfield – pretty sure that’s made up.

Not only but also…

Ain’t no love in the Heart Of Midlothian.


Guilty As Charged

First of the month July to October 2017

Solved By Poll

How To Recognize Things

An engraving of William Shakespeare next to a portrait often misindentified as Shakespeare but who in fact is Sir Thomas Overbury A handy visual aid to help those who may have been caught out by attempts to misidentify the portrait of Thomas Overbury as Shagspeare himself for reasons of branding.

He would have been 400 tomorrow if he hadn’t died at 52, just as he was getting the hang of the writing lark.

Photo of a man on an outcrop overlooking a mountain range with the caption, 'I don't remember locking the back door'

The Saga

11th July 2015

The Saga Begins

The drawn head of a hirsute Viking with lighting mark above and below he's right eye

He set the timer for thirty minutes…

The Saga Continues

Skull in a Viking Helmet with tongue hanging out

12 minutes to go…

The Saga Goes On A Bit Longer

The drawn head of a Viking with only one eye

Five minutes remaining…

The Saga Is Beginning To Drag A Bit

A skull in a winged Viking helmet with long braided hair

Three minutes…

The Saga Grinds To Its Sorry Conclusion

The drawn head of a Viking with a contorted face

Done. He emptied the machine and hung the clothes on the line, finally free from the alternate reality that is, Washing Machine Time.