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No. 1 Elen Never Sleeps – Some Surreal Scenes

22nd April 2016

SIRLTNLSTBRA No.1 Elen Never Sleeps – Some Surreal Scenes (2011)

Front cover of the Blue Dogma EP by Elen Never Sleeps which appears to be a detail of a pre-Raphaelite painting tinted blue, which seems apt.

Charlton Musgrove Recites The Classics
No. 17 Lou Reed – I Remember You

10th January 2014

The well known thespian takes time out from his one man review ‘They Had Proper Actors In My Day’ to perform a unique interpretation of an underrated classic from the Mistrial album.

Featuring library music.

Lou Reed – I Remember You – 7/16/1986 – Ritz (Official)

Fame At Last

28th May 2012

Screen capture from Warren Ellis's website showing the my attempted logotone

RT @warrenellis: warren ellis dot com logotone for this week

How To Set Up A Beer Festival (Abridged)

18th September 2011

Horsham Beer Festival Set Up Time-Lapse 2011

Music by kind permission of the mighty Moscow Club.

This is a replacement as some genius, i.e. me, deleted the original in error when changing domain name for the Drill Hall.

Gee Mr Tracy – Mr Unlucky

21st December 2009

The B-side to 1986’s Lava Man single.

Gee Mr Tracy – Mr Unlucky (1986)

The video is from and is a workplace educational film Down And Out made in 1971. Not so much Mr. Unlucky as Mr. Incompetent but it’s as close as I could get without expending money or effort. This is a re-upload from 2016 after a streamlining of YouTube accounts.

Norwich based synth twosome treading the boards in the City’s pubs and venues during the mid – 80’s. comprised of Tom ‘Brick’ Smith on spoken vocals and (now London-based TV correspondent) Vince Rogers.

Tom, invariably suited, with a drink never far from hand, slurred and shouted through his wonderful repertoire of verse (You make my house shine…Where the biscuit tins are never empty…) aided by Vince’s ham-fisted, two-fingered (!) mono riffs. Live, they were cool and shambolic, with a beefy, swinging drum machine to shake up the rafters and were well deserving of their not inconsiderable band of followers.


Pretty Much The Zenith Of My Sound Design Career

January 2009

A Nice Tune By AF Harrold from I Eat Squirrels of 2009.

Cover of the AF Harrold book of poetry for children I East Squirrels

Social History

Smoke On The Water


The first thing I ever recorded, to an old knackered stereo Revox reel to reel. Smoke on the Water by a mixed Boys & Masters line-up for a Shelley House assembly at Forest School Horsham in 1982.

If I remember correctly (and I probably don’t):

Vocals – David Dowding & Richard Loughran (English Teacher)
Lead Guitar – Dave Pickup (Head Of English)
Rhythm Guitar – Matthew Streater?
Bass – Chap from Mansion with longish hair.
Drums – Darren Richardson?

Annoyingly when this was on Posterous a chap commented with the line-up but I lost it when they closed down.

Old Blind Mole


Rod Edwards & Roger Hand – Old Blind Mole (1974?)

The 1973 book of art and verse, The Butterfly Ball And The Grasshoppers Feast, was inspired by an 18th Century poem and in turn inspired two different musical interpretations.

The better known version by Roger Glover and an all star cast overshadowed the album by Rod Edwards and Roger Hand of which this track was originally intended to be a part. But it’s the latter which stands up better today, helped to a large degree by the narration by Sir Michael Hordern and Dame Judi Dench.

It has now been reissued by Wizard Presents but a chance to right a terrible wrong has been missed as the song which to my mind was by far the best on the album but was replaced on the original release by an inferior alternative hasn’t been included on the re-release either.

That song was of course Old Blind Mole. Now admittedly I was seven at the time and some of the other songs have grown on me but I still contend the original Mole was the better version.

So to give the great unwashed an opportunity to decide here from a forty year old cassette is the cruelly discarded original of Old Blind Mole.

They did it:

Music and additional lyrics composed, written and arranged by
Rod Edwards and Roger Hand; published by Wizard Music.

Narration by Judi Dench and Michael Hordern

Keyboards and vocals: Rod Edwards
Guitar and vocals: Roger Hand
Drums: Gerry Conway; Bass: Bruce Lynch;
Percussion: Tony Carr and Morris Pert;
Solo violin: David Cross and Graham Preskett;
Harmonica: Mox; Piano on Cheers my Dears: Tony Hymas;
String bass on Happy-Go-Lucky Grasshopper: Alan Whalley;
‘The Butterfly Ball’ arranged by Chris Gunning;
Orchestra Leader: Pat Halling; Orchestral Contractor: George Hamer.
Recorded at Decca Studios, London, October 1974 to August 1975.
Sound Engineer: John Burns assisted by Mark Lusardi.
Additional engineering thanks to Derek Varnals and Adrian Martins.
Narration recorded at AIR London, engineer, Geoffrey Emerick.
Digital re-mastering engineer: Richard Spence.
Mastered for cd at Sound Performance, engineer, Andrew Thompson.
Special thanks to Robert Angles and Hugh Mendl

Produced by John Miller, Rod Edwards and Roger Hand.