Whitechapel Remake Remodel

Towards the end of the Internet Middle Ages there was a web comic by Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield called Freak Angels and a related forum Whitechapel. An occasional feature of the latter was the setting to task of artists to reimagine comics and their characters which often prompted work of a high cal-i-bre, some of which I downloaded into one of my many ‘things I’ll probably never look at again but you never know’ folders.

A few years later I was over Whitechapel way only to find it had succumbed to web rot so thinking that some of it was worth preserving I did a search of the web and Internet Archive and grabbed what I could of the Remake Remodel threads. Alas some artwork was already victim to the demise of their image hosts.

So this is the page I’m going to stick them on as time and enthusiasm allows. Anyone you recognises one of their own images and would rather it not be on display please use the contact form to let me know and down they will go. (For secuirity reasons answers to a few simple questions about the 1970s & 80s West Ham United Football team may be required).


You are an artist/designer. You have to put together the cover for the first issue of a weekly science-fiction anthology comic called 2000AD. You don’t know much about what’s in it. You’ve been given the following pieces of information to include on the cover somehow:
“featuring the new DAN DARE”
“M.A.C.H. 1 – his incredible hyperpower will amaze you!”