Et tu, Brute?

The Fickle Finger Of Fair-Weather Fandom Fails The Fallen Feminist

Last post from the 'Fansite' Whedonesque as they shut down in reaction to as yet unanswered accusations from the ex-wife of Joss Whedon with a dig at their former hero

The former wife of Joss Whedon has written about the failure of their marriage which doesn’t paint a rosy picture of her former husband. Beyond saying some of the accusations about him are untrue he has chosen not to comment. A sad but not unusual situation amplified by his media profile and her choice to make a public statement.

But to close an unusually civilised fansite on which Joss Whedon has commented on occasion with a post that discounts what good he may have done in the past gives the impression of trying to hurt the man himself at the cost of a long cultivated community.

Now On The Camp Of Bands

It includes the original graveyard drunks version which couldn’t be used on the radio as they inconsiderately didn’t bear in mind OFCOM language guidelines during their slanging match.

And tacked on the end is the unrepresentative last part of the Opus for those who can’t spare the eighteen minutes required to listen to the whole thing. Also being stripped of sound effects it does give the ear a clearer view.