Man Of Constant Sorrow

Not having a suitable picture to hand here's one of a bicycle on a sign by David Rangel from

As the owner of one of the country’s larger collections of used bicycle inner tube valve caps it is something of a disappointment at the point of finally needing one that I can’t remember where I put them.

Into The Trees

The Cure – A Forest * first ever TV performance Dec 79

I tuned my guitar to ‘A Forest’ (of which this is an early version) for about the first fifteen years I played. From a cassette. Never thought to check the pitch was correct. Which might explain a few things


Image of a man on a hill watching as Sodom and Gomorrah are destroyed by a shower of meteorites. Possibly not a real photo.

As I’m not allowed keys to the works piggy bank I spend a certain amount of time doing this…

Me: “Please order this and this from here. I’ve included direct links.”

They: “I’ve ordered this and that from there instead.”

Me: “It’s the wrong stuff, let’s waste some time putting it right”.