Strange Brew – Sweeney Amongst The Nightingales (1985)

Screen capture from the video for the track featuring the totally unrelated 1909 film 'The Airship Destroyer'

Amongst the myriad attempts at combining the oeuvres of Chuck Berry & TS Eliot this is an unremarkable example.

Strange Brew – Sweeney Amongst The Nightingales (1985)

Thankfully not the entire poem

Apeneck Sweeney spreads his knees
Letting his arms hang down to laugh,
The zebra stripes along his jaw
Swelling to maculate giraffe.
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Detail of an electric tin opener against a background of wobbling tv test bar with the text Acte Unique Europeen above.

Every unnecessary cover version deserves an unnecessary video.

Chris Morris Original (Cover) 2015

A version of a little heard instrumental from the Jackalsons guitarist faithfully performed except for the bits I changed.

Strange Brew – Never In A Month Of Sundays (1985)

From a surreal French film which only shows peoples legs and feet through out a screen caputre of showes on the floor next to wooden chairs for the video for 'Never In A Month Of Sundays' by Strange Brew

Strange Brew – Never In A Month Of Sundays (1985)

An atypical track from the blues-rock combo who were thrown together in a hurry for a gig that was cancelled and who didn’t have the sense to change their equally hastily chosen name when they decided to carry on.

From the cassette album ‘Watch The Traffic’ recorded in glorious stereo straight to 1/4″ reel mainly in the gym at Dedisham School, though this track was captured in the loft room of the drummer Glen. (All Horsham area drummers of that era had to be called Glynn or Glen… or Helen… or Dave).

I’ve cut out the majority of the unnecessary guitar introduction which was purely the result of me having read part of a book about chord substitution shortly before the recording. The bass is a bit subsonic so may disappear on small speakers.

We peaked on a trip to Horsham’s twin town of Lage in Germany having tagged along with a Collyer’s Sixth Form College production of ‘A Midsummers Night’s Dream’ and ‘The Crucible’. Our performance in a packed and sweaty Scout Hut was unforgettable, up to the point I forgot most things about it.

I do recall there were what seemed like 105 acappella choruses of ‘Look what you’re doing’ whilst I struggled to force the dodgy travel plug that all our amps and PA relied on back into an ill fitting socket of indeterminate vintage.

I also played in the support band that night, Reverend Parish & The Singing Witches which included one R. Knowles Esq. who I’d later join in Christine and Voice of the Rain.

I’ve included the lyrics in the hope that someone could explain them to me as I still haven’t the foggiest after 31 years.

The film used in the video is ‘Amore Pedestre’ by Marcel Fabre from 1914.

Fred & Friends – Cracked Black

Fred Bright, singer with Christine, seen in a head and shoulders photograph before a gig at Collyer's College in Horsham. I'd hazard a guess at 1985. Photo by David Dowding stolen from the web.

A Christine number recorded after the demise of the band by Fred and Richard plus Jim from the Jackalsons and accidentally yours truly after failure of a hired four track recorder resulted in time pressure to get it done with the borrowed replacement.

I cut Carnival Of Souls about to go with it.

Fred & Friends – Cracked Black (1986)