Billy Fury – Gonna Type A Letter & Don’t Jump

Since the advent of sampling life has been hard for the typist wanting to make their way in popular music and whilst the digital version is convenient it can’t match the feel, warmth and variation that can be attained from the real thing

Billy Fury – Gonna type a letter (HQ)

And whilst on the subject of great Billy Fury b-sides and like most of his early recordings written by himself.

Billy Fury – Don't Jump (1960)

Have always imagined that Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds would do a good version of this.

Incidentally the story is that the Beatles (or Silver Beetles as they were at the time) would have been his backing band if they’d been prepared to fire Stuart Sutcliffe but that may be a later invention.

OWIL: Piano Fantasia By Yuki Murata

I little piano music this evening I think. Actually quite a lot.

Photo of the new album of piano music by Yuki Murata along with a sampler of piano music from the same label.

Out 1st November. Postman must have taken a short cut.

OWIL: Pec by Yuri Urano

According to the Bandcamp tags this is ‘electronic electro synth wave techno Sheffield’. I must admit I thought Yuri Urano (aka Yullippe) was from a bit further east than that – more Doncaster way.