It’s About That Time Of Night Volume Five

A crescent moon

30th December 2012 To 20th March 2013
  1. Aureole – Leave
  2. Jack Scott – Goodbye Baby
  3. Tom Waits – This Piano Has Been Drinking
  4. 宮城道雄 – 春の海
  5. Beck – Magnolia
  6. Talking Heads – Heaven
  7. Takahiro Kido – Landscape With Snow
  8. Matumbi – Ordinary Man
  9. Martika – Love Thy Will Be Done
  10. Rainbow – Weiss Heim
  11. Shelling – Floating Area
  12. The Ton-Up Motors – 無名のうた

IATTON… Chihei Hatakeyama – Requiem For Black Night And Earth Spiders

Earth spiders is a historical Japanese derogatory term for renegade local clans and also the name for a race of spider-like yōkai in Japanese folklore.

The album that this track is part of is inspired by the theory that earth spiders were people conquered by the Yamato Imperial court at the end of the 3rd Century Yayoi Period forced to work in mine and the sorrow they would have felt.