Man Of Arun No.1 Ne me quitte pas

The front cover of the Man Of Arun EP with the name vertical on the right hand edge and a picture of a fairly modern yet dilapidated pub on the right taking up most of the area
My Bands Were Often Camped In Pubs
A release of all things. Not quite what I intended to get going again but it came to mind at the end of last year and hear it is, a critique of and plea to the bands that forsake Bandcamp without good reason.

The main track, Bandcamp (Come Back), turned out a bit long as the lyrics on the faster bit were meant to run together but proved confusing like that so I split them into two sections. Given the length I’ve also done the ‘radio edit’, Bandcamp (Slight Return), which omits part two.

The Streaming Suite Consists of:

1. Descent Into iTunes
2. The Third Circle Of Spotify
3. The Pandora Paradox
4. Bandcamp Regained

and is not at all a collection of oddments tenuously tacked together.