Hypocrisy, The Greatest Luxury

Owen Smith felt the need to publicly disagree with the Labour position on a second Brexit Referendum whilst a Shadow Cabinet Minister…

The thinking behind people calling May weak for not sacking Ministers who publicly question the Government position and also saying Corbyn is wrong for sacking someone in the Shadow Cabinet who does the same perhaps reflects how we’ve got in the state we have.

As we don’t have proportional representation whether this makes any difference to who you vote for just comes down to deciding if it’s important enough to keep the Tories in power by reducing the Labour vote. Either way you might consider campaigning for a fairer voting system.

The Conservative Party, and Blairite Labour to an extent, were steadily selling off Britain’s shared wealth and making life much harder for the least well off and the young long before Brexit – the Referendum result has just meant they’ll be able to do it faster.

If you believe Brexit can be stopped under a Tory Government then you can afford to take a ‘principled position’ and desert Labour. If not then you’ll just have to work with what we’ve got. (Perhaps even join the Party and influence its position?).

Originally Twits.