There’s going to be a lot of people across the Twittersphere wondering ‘what is this crap in my timeline’ this evening.

The Fall – Lay of the Land – Live 1984

A stable line up in the last decade meant The Fall only made it to 66 members.
Fifties style cartoon where gurmpy northern singer Mark E. Smith explains how to join his band and then intermediately fires her, as is his wont.

Mark E. Smith may have been overlooked by the Queen for a Knighthood but Final Score did do him the honour of…

Mark E Smith reads the football results

To finish – the gentler side of Mark E. Smith who died today.

The Fall – Edinburgh Man (Live 1991 MTV 120 Minutes)

Someone on YouTube once suggested that one of my yesteryear shambles of a band was just ripping off The Fall. So I commended their taste and thanked them for the compliment. I thought it an odd comparison as we were clearly ripping off several other bands much more obviously.