Labour & Brexit Condensed

(From tweets so even more disjointed than usual).

The Leave vote was to an extent a protest vote against the status quo and Labour are currently seen as an alternative to that. If they come out against Brexit many will see them as part of the establishment again, they’ll lose support, and never be in a position to improve things.

It should be remembered that Leave voters are British, so bloody minded and quite prepared to suffer rather than admit they’re wrong. They need to be eased into changing their view, not told what to do. They’ve had enough of that for decades.

With 20 years of anti-EU propaganda and the Tories prepared to lie outright with the support of much of the media there’s not time for politicians to persuade people to reverse course.

Everyone needs to be prepared to make themselves unpopular and raise the issues with friends and anyone they meet. Not in a confrontational way but to work it into conversation. It’s certainly not hard to find things it impacts.

And if anyone needs a kick up the behind it’s the celebrities who put career before country who might be listened to

To summarise, stopping Brexit isn’t going to happen from a politician saying something on the news or in a paper. Everyone needs to be prepared to be unpopular by raising the consequences so it's part of everyday life.

That above diatribe was partly the outcome of thinking about the difference between the war comics I read as a child and the preponderance of superhero media today. In the former it was the ordinary troops who came good despite their officers. They weren’t waiting for Superman.