It’s A Funny Old Game

General Election 2017

6.22pm 6th June

Vital supplies at the ready.

Supplies for polling stations including signs and string

2.20pm 7th June

Ain’t no stopping us now…

Photo of door into Drill Hall with hand written signs proclaiming a closing down sale and that every ballot box must go!

2.26pm 7th June

Of course security is at the forefront of our minds so I have used the red and white tape.

Photo of red and white striped plastic tape strung between two similar coloured poles on weighted bases

8.18pm 7th June

Tweet by Polly Samson including a video of Dave Gilmour of Pink Floyd singing Billy Bragg's 'Between The Wars' in support of Labour

Video to follow.

7.22am 8th June

Polling, Polling, Polling

Phot of The Barn in the Causeway Horsham in use as a polling station

10.12am 8th June

So, will Britons vote for what's best for them or what’s best for billionaire newspaper owners?

10.04pm 8th June

I may have to hold off my careful choice of apt but depressing post election tunes.

The Exit Poll taken immediately after polling closed showing the likelihood of a hung Parliament

No sleep tonight then.

10.11pm 8th June

Comment on Naomi Klein on the pound falling after the exit poll, 'Because capitalism hates hope'.

10.25pm 8th June

Tories may not be able to field a side for Brexit so we have to default and stay in.

10.27pm 8th June

Not counting my rabbits before they’re hutched though.

10.42pm 8th June

One thing we can call now. The pundits were crap again.

11.32pm 8th June

The big battle tonight is expected to be between the regional TV presenters trying to impress in a rare appearance on the national stage.

12.46am 9th June

Come on you reds!

1.26am 9th June

After the Labour victory in the Borough Robert Lindsey tweets the catch phrase of a character he played in the 1970s, 'Freedom For Tooting!'

4.06am 9th June

It’s taken time to regroup but pundits are now attacking Corbyn for not winning Election they said he’d lose 100+ seats

5.44am 9th June

The result of the election in Horsham with the expected Tory victory but strong gains for Labour as well as a UKIP collapse

The best Labour result in ‘Orsham since 1970. UKIP collapse.

9th June 6.54pm

The line dancing I can understand but as for the rest…

A list of the policies of the Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party's policies and how they relate to Islamic Sharia Law including the idea that Line Dancing Is A Sin

10th June 11.57am

In summation.

Photograph of Jeremy Corby with hands clasped as if in prayer above an article written in cod St. James Bible style as if he was a prophet bringing hope

From an article by Anthony Lane in the New Yorker