OWIL: イキツクシ By Dadaray

Dadaray bassist stands with his hands at his sides whilst his shadow plays on

All the unplanned breaks does leave plenty of time for other projects

DADARAY 「イキツクシ」

With some Indigo’s at the End.

Dada well represented in Japan these days.

DADA GAUGUIN – balloon (MV)

And extending the pop connection only the other day I was transferring Dada With Juice from VHS.

Orange Juice – Dada with Juice – 01 – Salmon Fishing In New

Pushing past the point of tenuous…

Trio Da Da Da Official Video

Dragging thing back to the Continent where I started via Newcastle.

The Police – De Do Do Do, de Da Da Da (Japanese version)

Back on topic wit Einstürzende Neubauten.

Einstürzende Neubauten – Let's Do It A Dada – Alles Wieder Offen Tour 2008

Rockin’ out with the Texas Tornado to finish.

DALE HAWKINS La-Do-Dada 1958