Harry Fay – By The Seaside (1909)

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Harry Fay “I've Never Wronged An Onion” "I Never Wrong An Onion (Why Should It Make Me Cry?)"

I’ve seldom hurt a single thing or person in my life
‘Cept people that don’t matter like the landlord and the wife,
And now I’m puzzled and my heart is breaking, you can see.
Perhaps you can give me comfort. This is what has saddened me:

I’ve never wronged an onion. I hope I never shall.
I’ve never wronged an onion. I treat it as a pal.
Tell me, tell me, tell me why–I’ve never wronged an onion. Why should it make me cry?

Some trusting hearts of cabbages I’ve broken, I will own.
I’ve torn a lettuce limb from limb–no mercy have I shown.
And I’ve poked potatoes eyes out, and no single tear I’ve shed.
And though the blood of many beetroots is upon my head,

Still, I never wronged an onion…