This Is Nothing Less Than An Attack On Traditional British Values

Daily Mail headline complaining about people criticising the shambolic and unconstitutional manner the Tory Party is handling leaving the EU

Via Paddy Briggs

Headline from the Daily Mail on 15th January 1934, 'Hurrah For The Blackshirts'
The Daily Mail – You Can’t Fault Their Consistency

Moaning stands with taking the piss as part of our cultural heritage.

It might be noted that it is the will of 37% of the Electorate and not a resounding mandate but mainly it’s part of a campaign to silence criticism of what can only be bad for Britain’s wealth, influence and particularly living standards for the less well off. And totally in line with the aims of the billionaire owners of the right wing press with their money in tax havens overseas.

And I’m certainly not sneering at the Brexit shambles or talking the country down. I’m reciting the age old British adage, ‘I told you so’.