OWIL: Tokio Highway By Downtown Market

Screen capture from the Downtown Market video for Tokio Highway which is of travelling down a motorway, presumably in the eponymous city

TOKIO HIGHWAY by Downtown Market

As opposed to downmarket town.

Uh oh – I feel a theme coming on…

downtown ~ petula clark


Tom Waits – Downtown

The hit! A palpable hit…

Tom Waits – DOWNTOWN TRAIN – San Remo (live) 1986

Janet Street Porter took Snub TV off the air, it will never be forgotten.

Throwing Muses – Downtown (live in May 1988)

And who could forget…

The Long Ryders – Lights Of Downtown (Live on OGWT Oct 1985)

Arguably for consistency the theme should have been Tokyo or Highway but I laugh in the face of comedy!