Humanism – Doing good because you think you should rather than having to being told to

Cover of the Biggles book 'The Camels Are Coming' with a stylised drawing of the eponymous Sopwith Camel against an orange sky above the French countryside
The first Biggles book aimed at an older audience than later volumes

I largely got my morals from Biggles of course, plus Battle Action, Starlord and 2000AD comics.

Biggles often gets some stick but it’s worth bearing in mind any comedy sketch or discussion about him and the books is invariably by people who’ve never read them.

Despite its name Battle & Action was on the whole profoundly anti war which was portrayed as something done to ordinary people by their leaders.

The main story for me was Panzer Grenadier with its hero a German soldier wrongly put in a punishment Battalion, about as far away from glorifying war as you can get – the lowest of the low on the wrong side.