Nostalgic Video Posting

Actor Gareth Thomas in the mid 1980s looking a bit rugged…inevitably means someone has died, in this instance Gareth Thomas who appeared in Blake’s Seven, Children Of The Stones and many other things, particularly on stage, at times with the Royal Shakespeare Company. The first two of those incidentally having amongst the best theme tunes yet written.

Tv Theme Blakes 7 (Full Theme)

Children Of The Stones Theme

Don’t watch this last one if you haven’t seen Blakes 7 which for youngsters was a series created by Terry Nation of Doctor Who and particularly Dalek fame and was Firefly / Serenity without the optimism and an even higher attrition rate of lead characters.

Blake's 7: The Final Scenes

…from an era when you’d find added to the end of the credits, ‘Currently appearing in Twelfth Night with the Royal Shakespeare Company’.