Hurrah! Not Just Joining The Cabaret Circuit

Rock band Belly on a beach in the mid 1990s
They’ve aged well

Belly is very happy to announce that we will be reuniting to play some shows this coming summer in the US and the UK. Dates will be announced as they are confirmed, but right now we can tell you with relative confidence that the UK shows will fall in the middle of July, and US shows will be scattered throughout August and possibly into September. We’ve also got a handful of brand new Belly songs in various stages of writing and recording, that we’ll be releasing one by one over the next few months.

And for the sadly ignorant…

Belly – Super Connected live on MTV

Belly – "Gepetto" on the Jon Stewart Show

Belly – Dusted / Full Moon – Finsbury Park 1993

Belly – April 16, 1993 – Santa Monica, CA

Now there’s a coincidence.