Fern is fussy. I’m for swirly or triangles. Or don’t bother, think of the expense

The current New Zealand flat - Four red starfs on a blue background with the British Union Jack in the top left corner.Voting began on Friday in New Zealand’s referendum on a potential replacement for their national flag. New Zealanders have just under a month to send in a postal ballot on which of five potential new flags they prefer. A second vote in 2016 will ask whether they want to replace the existing flag, which features the UK’s Union Jack, with the new design. Prime Minister John Key has said the current flag is not representative of modern New Zealand. He also believes it is too similar to Australia’s, but has admitted that polling indicates most New Zealanders would rather keep it.

Five choices for a new New Zealand flag, three being variations on a fern, one a soft of white squiggle on black and another black, blue, white and red triangles roughly mountain shaped

Of course I’m British not a New Zealander. But that’s never stopped us making decisions for them in the past.