A Hit, A Palpable Hit!

POP / ピオピ – Pretty Pretty Good (Reasonable Remix Video Remake)

It’s worth having a listen and taking a look at the original to fully grasp the nub of my gist.

Having partaken of the POP PPG mix kit I thought I’d knock out a video for it. More fool me as it took longer than the Remix, but I learnt a lot about video editing at least.

The only significance of the choice of characters to portray the POPsters is that they’re what I could afford after spending most of the £25 / 4500円 production budget on a toy crane that didn’t make the cut.

I’ve not been afraid to address the current controversy over the side-lining of the band’s leader, カミヤサキ, via the hard hitting use of a seventy year old graffiti meme and references from Victorian comic farce.

The ‘Yes’ at the start and song snippet at the end are from ‘This Is Pop‘ by XTC. Surely a cover version is in order.

Oh and the Twitter handles.

130 views in one day, nowadays I’m lucky to get that in a year for a video. Oh for the early days of YouTube when you could actually stumble across something a bit different.