I Knew Him When…

Hillman Minx 'I've had enough' single coverBit of a find. One of the locals with his late 1990s band Hillman Minx in a video starring Angus Deayton for a song produced by the Eurythmics Dave Stewart.

Malcolm, for it is he, has been mentioned here before in relation to Orange & Fixed Vision and later had a band called La Honda with a singer who became better known as Rumer.

Hillman Minx 'I've Had Enough' promotional CD coverAnd in a remarkably tenuous link he played Oberon in A Midsummers Night Dream that was performed in Lage in Germany where me & Ben of the Gits first got to know each other and why the band are listed as characters from that play on the Retrospeculative.

Further unnecessary detail as I remember it.

I’ve since come across the fact that, ‘In ’98, Mark Radcliffe on Radio 1 championed them and made their first single ‘I’ve Had Enough’ record of the week for three weeks in a row.’