The Collected Corrector

Andy Partridge a.k.a. Sir John Johns
a.k.a. @xtcfans a.k.a.THE CORRECTOR

18th March 2014
  1. That’s Colin playing rhythm guitar on VANISHING GIRL
  2. Dave is on bass on THEBES IN A BOX
  3. That’s me on bass on WHAT IN THE WORLD
  4. I don’t do a great job,but I’m drumming on PALE AND PRECIOUS
  5. That’s our Colin playing rhythm guitar on WHAT IN THE WORLD,they were cut ‘live’,so he is leading the band
  6. Yours truly mixed LIFE IS GOOD IN THE GREENHOUSE,as poor old John Leckie got..too …..stoned
  7. DEAR MADAM BARNUM was written for the Russell Crowe film THE CROSSING
  8. Our original XTC key player Jonny Perkins was in the car smash that killed the WONDERLAND mixer Alex Sadkin,Jonny survived
  9. I’m playing bass on VANISHING GIRL,Colin is leading the band through the recording
  10. Dave wrote a song for DRUMS AND WIRES,the band didn’t like it so we didn’t record it,shame,as I saw him as our George
  11. Terry NEVER left the band because of the acoustic direction/new songs,he was given an emotional ultimatum by his the new wife
  12. Colin and I blend our voices together on THANKS FOR CHRISTMAS and VANISHING GIRL to blur the identity IE:both on lead together
  13. most of the drone in G on COMPLICATED GAME comes from Colin‘s electric shaver
  14. When Barry did his keyboard overdubs for GO2 he barred the rest of the band from the studio {Abbey Road}
  15. The gong sounds on GREENHOUSE {in ramp section} are actually the Abbey Road studio 3 hanging lamps,struck with Terry’s mallets
  16. The ONLT time Terry spoke to an audience was at close of a duff gig in Canada,”we’ve got your money…and we’re fuckin off.”
  17. Most of the sound of the guitars on SETTLEMENT was electric guitar close mic’ed as acoustic,blended with it’s electric send
  18. COMPLICATED GAME was written for GO2 XTC
  19. The DUKES were born on the SETTLEMENT sessions,in impromptu jams,as FAT FRUIT,the name that an early manager wanted to call us
  20. That early XTC manager was also the manager of Culture Club,Tony Gordon
  21. THE HELIUM KIDZ were asked to back Jet Harris{Shadows etc} on his 70’s ‘come back’
  22. George Martin was asked to produce XTC’s SKYLARKING,but declined due to deafness.
  23. The only times that Terry sang backing vocals were THINGS FALL TO BITS,{GO2} ROADS GIRDLE… and ORANGE DUST {as Fat Fruit}
  24. I sadly,was also the one who started the rumour about David Byrne being a scatologist,he isn’t,and I apologise David
  25. I gave Davis Byrne the title for the Heads album MORE SONGS ABOUT BUILDINGS AND FOOD in a sports hall in Groningen,Holland
  26. Dave recorded,during Mummer, a Homo Safari instrumental that was never used,called THEME FOR AN IMAGINARY SCI FI MOVIE
19th March 2014
  1. Of course,Terry’s only lead vocal was GOODNIGHT SUCKER
  2. Most of BIG EXPRESS is NOT Linndrum drum machine,but Pete Phipps
  3. Dave declined to participate in the Beefheart tribute recording of ELLA GURU
  4. …and Colin does not appear on the Viz record BAGS OF FUN WITH BUSTER
  5. The drummers they never mention,Brian Doherty on CHERRY IN YOUR TREE and Chris Sharrock on THE GOOD THINGS
  6. During original mix of WONDERLAND at Air studios,George Martin is in control room advising Steve Nye on use of sub bass device
  7. TAKEAWAY/LURE OF SALVAGE was not a solo album,merely a dub record of XTC tracks,the band never attended
  8. Despite the rumours,I have never contributed comedy scripts to Armstrong and Miller,Saturday Live or Studio B15
  9. The Dukes full name was to have been THE DUKES OF STRATOSPHEAR LAWNS
  10. Thomas Dolby NEVER auditioned for XTC,he was interested but Dave was already picked in preference to another keys player
  11. I was not prescribed valium because of my parents divorce,they never divorced,I was put on after my mothers mental home spells
  12. Much is made of my ‘stage fright’,that was only one symptom of withdrawal,the memory loss and limb seizures were worse
  13. My sweety heart Erica Wexler is in no way related to record producer Jerry Wexler
  14. Dave did not leave the band as string arrangements were ‘taken over’ by me,nor was anybody given ‘points’ for arrangements
  15. WHERE DID THE ORDINARY PEOPLE GO was not an internet single,nor our last single.Merely a track released to test download sales
  16. Sadly I do not own a Fano guitar,only momentarily
  17. I didn’t,and still don’t,take any recreational drugs
  18. I was always encouraged by Terry to join him in drumming at gigs {partial 2 drummers line up},I never took him up on it sadly
  19. Led Zep’s John Paul Jones was approached to produce NONSUCH,but was FAR TOO expensive,pity,could have been interesting
  20. The only reason the band didn’t sign to EMI’s HARVEST label was because their A+R man insulted our then managers wife
  21. XTC did not record under the name of The Spies
  22. Terry did not join later in 73,it was he and Colin that asked me to join them in 72.I said yes as bass/drum teams are rare
  23. We flooded London in late 76 with poster/flyers claiming “…XTC is more ANT MUSIC than human…”. Hmmm,I wonder…?
  24. Yes,Colin WAS asked to join the touring Pink Floyd in lieu of Roger,but declined.
  25. Experiments WERE done with fruit scented sleeves for FALLEN FROM THE GARDEN {Mummer early title},but they smelled too bad
  26. In 77 I was asked to join The Pat Travers Band {Canadian rocker},which I declined
  27. Dave was in line to join BLONDIE,but didn’t quite get his XTC resignation going in time,missed decision by a few days
  28. The video that seems to have gone missing is the one for HANG ON TO THE NIGHT,never been seen since made in Jan 78
  29. We were either going to do CITADEL or ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER for White Music,I tossed a coin and CITADEL lost
  30. The Woodentops were embarrassed to put my uncool name on the productions I did for them,so put me down as ANIMAL JESUS
  31. US record label didn’t get iron age horse on SETTLEMENT sleeve,so painted their own,we left it in bin at the Manor studio
28th May 2014
  1. Terry’s shadow in the ALL OF A SUDDEN promo was played by Ian Gregory,as Terry was in Australia.So that’s the Dukes !!
  2. XTC never saw any money from the sales of any of our records until 1997,….20 years later
  3. We survived on a small wage from advance,PRS money and post 1985 on publishing income,which went in the black
  4. I had to be restrained from punching one of the Undertones at TOTP studios as they wrote insults on our dressing room door
  5. Couldn’t figure why the Undertones would be nasty at TOTP as we previously loaned them our amps on an Irish tour when they supported us.
  6. George Harrison was a big fan of the SKYLARKING album
  7. The only contact we had with George Harrison was when Dave wrote to him about his Rickenbacker guitar,George replied
  8. The sleeve design to GO2 had already been turned down by Pink Floyd and other big bands
  9. The bus request stop button on the sleeve of THIS WORLD OVER was Colin‘s idea,the postcards mine.Won some award we never got
  11. All the babble on NO LANGUAGE was mostly from Whickers World,we mic’ed up the TV

  12. TISSUE TIGERS was one of Terry’s favourite numbers to drum.
  13. MELT THE GUNS was heavily edited,it went on for about another couple of minutes {or more}.Good call of Hugh’s.
  14. During BLACK SEA Colin had to play in bare/sock feet as his tapping sandals made too loud a slap in drum room in quieter parts
  16. I had wanted,also as singles,from ORANGES AND LEMONS album,GARDEN and SKELETON
  17. The man who’s father invented the 33 long player,Andy Goldmark, sang some backing vocals on tracks of ORANGES AND LEMONS
  18. I wrote SEAGULLS SCREAMING as I’d agreed to babysit the Mellotron,it was in the bedroom
  19. The order they were written in… MAYOR OF SIMPLETON,LITTLE LIGHTHOUSE,1000 UMBRELLAS,work that out
  21. Great unrecorded Dukes PSONIC song was MARTIAN ENSLAVEMENT 1970,may have rehearsed it in the studio but no take…was taken
17th August 2014
  1. I was asked to play the lead role in a film {that sadly never got made} in the early 80’s, title THE LAST NATIONAL SERVICEMAN
  2. I have had 2 guitars stolen on tour,a Gibson and a Guild,also an amp/combo and an effects pedal board
  3. I recently co-wrote four songs for Sarah Brightman,all were rejected.Shame,one was the best song she’s never sung
  4. I’m still on good terms with the three members who left the band over the years,which is nice
  5. XTC has never split,legally it still exists,as Colin and myself
  6. Lemmy changed a string for me whilst we ‘played on’ at an early London show,{roadie didn’t know how to do it}
  7. Drummer Twink,of Tomorrow,Pretty Things and Pink Fairies asked to join us in ’87,we didn’t need a permanent fourth member tho
  8. ORANGES producer Paul Fox said he could arrange for 1 of my drum heroes Tony Williams to play on the album,knew it wouldnt wrk
  9. We were owed many ‘metallic’ display discs for sales,by Virgin records…but never got them
  10. I’ve appeared in at least two DC comics {but i’m damned if I can find the copies I was sent to prove it !}
  11. At early career band interview with record label,head of the label spent whole meeting blowing kisses and winking at me
  12. Paul Weller told me the Jam based the feel of their album Sound Affects on TAKEAWAY dub record
  13. When Jim Moray won BBC folk song of the year 2009 with ALL YOU PRETTY GIRLS,he posted me the award.Cheers man,honourable.
  14. In response to SteveLillywhite, Dave and I were the only ones who NEVER bought a copy Of Violence In Our Times,a repulsive…
  15. …book on freaky forms of death{all photos},that littered the control room during the making of BLACK SEA
  16. Ultravox warned us NEVER to buy plastic trousers as they all suffered from fungus on their legs after sweating.Not for us.
  17. Only time we ever played a Beatles song was the day we learned Lennon had been killed.We added RAIN to the set in Liverpool
  18. Alan McGee came to Swindon and tried to sign us to Creation Records in late 90’s,the deal was so appalling that we declined
30th September 2014
  1. DIDN’T HURT A BIT was left off of NONSUCH at Colin‘s request,not Dave and I,who were for it.
  2. …and the guitar solo on that song is myself,not Dave.
1st October 2014
  1. A JAMES+GIANT PEACH song I never demoed is JAMES IS GUILTY,= aunts accuse James of “smiling once,being shorter than them etc”
  2. I even wrote the theme song to the proposed follow up to JAMES,LETTERS FROM A LOST UNCLE,by Mervyn Peake…
  3. …but producer Harvey Weinstein “didn’t get it”,so it was never made,thus my involvement nixed
  4. Worked on the JAMES songs whilst working on THROUGH THE HILL with Harold Budd,now THAT’S schizophrenic
  5. Wow! Looks like I started writing PLAYGROUND just as I found out I was to be divorced,timing eh?
  6. ROADS GIRDLE…was not the only anti car song I wrote,there was an unfinished one called I’M THE CAR,MAN.With lyrics like…
  7. “On your knees,in gas we trust,kiss my pipe and eat my dust,drive by killing,i’ll scrap you all,2 by 2 your lungs will fall.”
  10. All of my autographs are genuine,as far as I know.I’ve never agreed to let anyone else sign anything by proxy
  11. Drummer Dave Mattacks came to XTC’s attention through drummer and brother of Dave, Ian Gregory attending a Faiport’s gig
  12. I’ve read that XTC were influenced by Big Star.This is totally untrue,I only got to hear them about a year ago.
  13. MUMMER album was rehearsed in same theatre that Andy’s and Colin‘s mothers went dancing in during wartime, Mechanics Theatre
5th October 2014
  1. In 1977 our management urged me to change my name to ANDY GARBAGE,wear 10 gallon hat and paint Aladdin Sane flash on my face
6th December
  1. Dave was never stopped from songwriting. He wrote a song, band didn’t like it, he never wrote another.
  2. Young Cleopatra is not a ‘paedo song’.It’s me fantasising that my yet to be born daughter would be adored by teen boys.
  3. The PUMPKINHEAD song is NOT about christ or Kennedy, we just had some fun with the film to annoy folks.
  4. ORANGES was NOT our biggest selling album. We THINK it was SKYLARKING, but who knows,figures are scant
  5. I was the only person on the Virgin label to object to being sold on to EMI, as they made guidance for missiles etc.
  6. Bands names chronologically were STAR PARK, THE HELIUM KIDZ, THE SNAKES then XTC. The latter was adopted in 1975.
  7. We were a live or touring band from 72 until 82, that’s 10 years,not 6.We became pro in 77.
  8. Some early KIDZ songs were MY BABY WAS A REPTILE {from a horror movie on TV}, I’M FROM OUTER SPACE, BABY SMASH MY FACE, SUSANNES IN LOVE WITH A MONSTER MAN, TEENAGE PLANET, A KICK OR A KISS….so bad so bad, no wonder no record deal offers.
  9. We THINK our biggest sellers were SKYLARKING, ORANGES, APPLE VENUS, BLACK SEA in that order…we think.
7th December
  1. Drums on SPIRAL are not Chuck Sabo, but rather Ralph Salmins. That’s also him on WHERE DID THE ORDINARY PEOPLE GO? +others.
8th December
  1. It’s a persistent rumour but untrue. I have NEVER written comedy material for Saturday Live or Studio B15
10th December
  1. From a recent Guardian article Branson, pay our mortgages?!? SUCH A LIE. Where’d they get that from???
18th December
  1. MUST stop reading the net,if I see one more”Andy kicked each member of XTC out to take control” I’ll go nova.They were THE band.
20th January 2015
  1. Terry was NOT sacked, and he NEVER drummed after any alcohol, always played sober, after gig or album take though, stand back….