Commitment To The Cause

4 hours in front of the microfiche machine at the library later & the main discovery is the number of gigs played of which I have no memory.

Other key findings: we were certainly more popular in the rest of Sussex than at home in ‘Orsham…

…and according to the local rag we broke up and reformed at one point, which is news to me.

& the most popular band in Sussex at the end of 1987 was Brighton’s Whirl followed by perennial second placers 14 Iced Bears. Pop Guns 11th

Unfortunately no list for 1988 and I know 89 was 1. Pop Guns, 2. Iced Bears (and breaking into the top 10 at 10 The Levellers).

Brighton very much a backwater in that era in striking contrast to a few years later and now that it’s the city of Brighton & Hove Actually

Another four hours at the microfiche and I am now the world's leading expert on the Horsham music scene 1984-1990…

…admittedly an accolade for which competition is not stiff.